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1-Click Blog Post Review

1-Click Blog Post Review – I would be lying if I said blogging isn’t one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Blogging means that you get to work with great people from all over the world right from the comfort of your home.

That being the case, your working hours if flexible, you don’t have to go out to make money or you don’t need a specific certification or authorization to start. Plus, this gives you a completely free place to share your thoughts, upload image or videos or write guides. Thus a majority of the world’s population chose to make money this way.

However, there are always the downside of everything. You need ideas, a writing style that differentiates yourself from others and you need to constantly write new blog since consistence is the key.

For that reason not many can stick with their WordPress business for long, people are known to suffer from writer’s block and such. Thus creating content at a persistent pace is never easy.

That is why I am here today with you, to introduce you to the best WordPress plugin to solve this problem, 1-Click Blog Post. This amazing product can transcript video into your content and all you need to do is choose the best videos you could find to make it your own.

What Is 1-Click Blog Post?

1-Click Blog Post is a WordPress Plugin that can create authority style blog posts in 3 seconds flat. Which means that you will be able to upload an unlimited number of content per day and don’t have to worry about creating your own content.

This product is a handy tool for your writing needs whenever you’re out of ideas, contents or simply just are newbies to writing while you still need to get the work done.

CreatorAnkur Shukla
Product1-Click Blog Post
Launch Date2020-Sep-08
Launch Time10:00 ЕDТ
Official websiteCLICK HERE
Front-End Price$22
BonusYes, Huge Bonuses
SkillAll Levels
Guarantee30-Day Money Back Guarantee
NicheTheme & Plugin
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly recommend!


1-Click Blog Post Rating




About The Creator – Ankur Shukla

Shukla is one of the most famous vendor and programmer on Jvzoo and in the online market. Ankur Shukla is a man of brilliant vision and sheer dedication, his internet marketing and software development skill also added up to who he is today.

Ankur Shukla has been on Jvzoo since 2014 and has accomplished some remarkable achievements.

He quickly became a top vendor on Jvzoo just one year after by doing 19 launches in a year.

By 2016 he earned the title of Top Vendor again alongside with Top Affiliate on Jvzoo with 12 launches, he also made $2M in sales in the same year. Since 2017 he has launched tons of product and made over $25,000 per month.

His remarkable products include: WP Story Machine, Black Friday Sale, Backlink Machine 3.0, Explaindio, VideoMakerFX, The Commission Machine, VideoRobot, Backup Beast, WP Fan Machine…

1-Click Blog Post Review – What Feature Will You Get?

If you are just starting out in blogging, then there is nothing wrong with trying out these plugins which you can get at affordable prices. These are the list of features you can get by purchasing 1-Click Blog Post:

Video Transcript

1-Click Blog Post Review offers the convenience of creating website content by embedding videos with just one click. Your blogpost is ready to be published right after

Creation Of A Thumbnail Or Featured Image

Some of the features that you can use from this plugin are automatic import and embed in one step. You can add a time-stamp to the content so that it will immediately open a special section of the section in the video that you embed.

Automatic Import And Embed In One Step

One feature that 1-Click Blog Post has is the creation of a thumbnail or featured image from the video that you embed. All the features that these plugins offer can be run in one click.

You no longer need to bother creating video content and thumbnails one by one. You can easily upload an unlimited number of posts per day using this plugin.

Getting SEO Traffic

By placing high quality and readable content, then, you will have the chance to reach more audiences and reduce the bounce rate and make some promotional campaigns to your existing products/businesses you are promoting/marketing.

1-Click Blog Post Review – How To Use

Step 1: Installation

Upload the 1-Click Blog Post plugin and theme to your website and activate it, and you are ready to go.

The main dashboard of 1-Click Blog Post will appear like this:

Step 2: Add New Post

Click to the “Posts” section and choose “Add New” to start creating a new post

Inside this section, all you need to do is copy the URL link of a video from YouTube that you want to get the content for your promotion. Then, paste the link into the “Youtube URL” box and click “Insert”:

It will take some seconds for processing. Then this product will deliver you the content inside the video for you.

Step 3: Publish Your Content

As soon as you finish creating your new post, click to the “Publish” button to post it on your website.

For more details, let check the instruction video below:


1-Click Blog Post Review – Using Experience

After a short time using 1-Click Blog Post, I can’t help but say that this plugin is super easy to use and 100% newbie friendly. Ankur Shukla knew the struggles of the WordPress writer and this vision got us a simple yet solid product to serve newbies.

All I needed to do was copy and paste a Youtube video that I like to transcribe it into text with just a click of a button. And the best part is, it can be done in WordPress. I was able to create 10 blog posts within 5 minutes of my time, and they were all high-quality posts.

Another thing about 1-Click Blog Post that I love is you have full control to publish your work. There are two options for me. I whether publish the DYF piece of writing: right away with featured images, title, tags or category added upon publishing the article, or schedule the posts for my daily blogs.

That being said, I only spent 10 minutes to create content for 5 consecutive days. And with the busy schedule of mine, this plugin is a perfect piece of artwork. As a result I made some extra cash each day without literally doing any work.

Here are some experts say about 1-Click Blog Post:

Price And Evaluation

The FE:  1-Click Blog Post ($22)

This is, in my opinion, a reasonable price because you only have to pay once to get access to the plugin for life. The money you make or the time you save while using this product will be a million times better in comparison with this small payment.

Nevertheless, in case you are wondering why it is only $22. It is because that the price is only that low during the period of the special launch offers. Once the launch period ends, it will significantly increase, so make sure to grab this product as soon as you can to make the most profit!

1-Click Blog Post Review – The Upsells

In addition to this basic packages, there are also the upsells that you may want to buy to better experience this product.

OTO1: 1-Click Blog Post – PRO ($47)

OTO2: 1-Click Blog Post – Headliner ($37)

OTO3: 1-Click Blog Post – TagMachine ($37)

OTO4: 1-Click Blog Post – FotoFinder ($37)

OTO5: 1-Click Blog Post – DevelopersLicense ($47)

1-Click Blog Post Review – Who Is It For?

In general, this product is designed for different types of online workers. We all know that the online job market has been on the rise and in this uncertain environment of the current affair, you have to make money online one way or another. That is why everyone who is looking to make passive income online will benefit to a great extent by using 1-Click Blog Post.

If you are a newbie and is struggling to make money by writing a WordPress blogpost, the plugin will undoubtedly be perfect for you because it will save you tons of time and effort in the online marketing business industry.

These are the list of people I made that have to get this product to improve their work:

    +    List builders

    +    Affiliate marketers

    +    Product creators

    +    Online store owners

    +    Video marketers

    +    CPA marketers

    +    Social Media Influencers

    +    Online Content Creator

    +    Freelancers

    +    Writers

    +    High Ticket Consultants

    +    Newbies

Conclusion – 1-Click Blog Post Is 100% Recommended!

1-Click Blog Post is a plugin that will automatically solved your content problem and boost your traffic at the same time. Having used this product for quite a while, I realized that it is virtually newbies’ finest tools when it comes to WordPress writer’s supporting tools. Your investment is secured and well worth your payment.

If it is your first time creating contents online, 1-Click Blog Post is a reliable choice because you don’t need to pay the recurring fees as well as extra costs (domain, hosting, funnel builders, et cetera) yet is still able to perfect pieces of writing in any niche.

I hope this review influences your purchase decision.

Amazing Product Discount For Early Bird (Limited Time Offer)

We Gave Custom Bonuses If You Buy From My Website

** No Monthly Fees Ever** [Only… During Launch Week]